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Richard Adams
Richard Adams

About Richard

I'm 39 years old and have been working at Maxton practically  since I can remember in one form or another.  Maxton is a family business that was started by my dad in 1972, so I've grown up around the business. I have been officially working for the business since 1995 and took over the running of the business in 2005.  Maxton have built suspension for and worked with lots of famous riders through the years, riders such as Ron Haslam, Joey Dunlop, Wayne Gardner, Carl Fogarty, Fred Merkel, Mick Grant, Ryan Farquhar, Conor Cummins, Robert Dunlop, Michael Dunlop, Alistair Seeley the list goes on.

My dad started making chassis for TZ engines back in the 70's and had a lot of success with Chas Mortimer and Charlie Williams.  Honda the employed him as there chassis man to work with Mick Grant on the NR project, after the NR project he then worked for Honda for the next 10 years, always keeping Maxton running in the off season.  Eventually he left honda and joined JPS norton designing the norton rode by Ron Haslam, Robert Dunlop and Trevor Nation and famously Steve Hislop who beat Carl Fogarty to the 1991 Senior TT.  After norton ended he deciding to start Maxton back up as a full time business making suspension and for a while magnesium wheels.  And this is where we are today.


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