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Nick Morgan
Nick Morgan

About Nick

MSS Kawasaki has evolved over many years and utilising nearly 150,000 man-hours it has absorbed knowledge like a sponge-built library to become what is arguable Kawasaki’s most successful team with a history in National Superstock, British Supersport and British Superbikes, The IOM TT, Northwest 200 and the Macau GP.

The Team’s story begins 15 years ago when Nick Morgan decided to turn two new Kawasaki ZXR-750Rs into Superbikes. He had already been involved with Kawasaki for many years - initially serving as an apprentice in a Kawasaki dealership, then through his first steps in racing a Kawasaki GPZ1100B1 which he bought from his brother in 1982.

Over the years, Nick and his entourage continued to race the latest Kawasaki 750s and had a considerable amount of success not only at short circuit but at the IOM TT, NW200 and many Irish Roads Events . During this time, Nick had also started his own company under which name the team now ran - MSS Performance. 

Up to now MSS Performance had been forging ahead largely under its own steam. They had switched their efforts to racing Kawasaki’s ZX-6R range of machines and, in 1999, the team finally gained official backing from Kawasaki and adopted the MSS Kawasaki name.

From that point on, the team has grown significantly to the beast it is today!